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Substantive Editing

If you've finished your manuscript or project, you'll want a second set of eyes to give feedback on your work's organization and structure. Do your words communicate what you want to say to your intended audience? Do they make sense to the reader in terms of coherence, flow, and detail? For many writers, substantive editing  is the crucial first step in getting their work to publication. I can help you transform your book/idea into a cohesive manuscript.


Proofreading is the last step before publishing or presenting. It is the final quality control that ensures spelling and grammar are correct, and may involve following your style sheet. No rewriting or fact-checking is involved. I would be happy to provide the once-over to your work to assure it is top-notch and error free.


After your project is organized and flows coherently, you'll need a copyeditor to assess word choice, syntax, factual accuracy, grammar, spelling, and style. The copyeditor also ensures consistency with all headlines, sub-heads, photo captions, tables, and graphs. Let me give your work the quality control editing you need for it to to be polished and professional.


If you need a writer for a newsletter, blog, or presentation, let me help you produce clear, professional copy that speaks to your audience. In addition, I am an experienced curriculum writer and I can help you to methodically shape the delivery of your instruction to meet the needs of your students.

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